Taiwan Teacher Education and Development Study in Mathematics

6th NRC Meeting - Review of draft International Report. Initial training on the use of TEDS-M International Databases, Santiago, Chile, July 20-24, 2009

5th NRC Meeting - Finalize Tables and Structure of the International Report, Chicago, USA, March 9-13, 2009

4th NRC Meeting - First Data and Tables from SH; General Structure and Narrative of the International Reports, Bergen, Norway, September 1-5, 2008

K-12 Curriculum, National Teacher Education Curriculum and Institution Syllabi Coding Workshop, Warsaw, Poland, June 9-13, 2008

Scoring Training Seminar - Northern Hemisphere, Fribourg, Switzerland, April 7-9, 2008

Scoring Training Seminar - Southern Hemisphere, Miami, USA, November 29 - December 1, 2007

Data Management Seminar Catch-Up for the Main Study, Hamburg, Germany, September 27–28, 2007

International Quality Control Monitor Seminar, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, August 27–28, 2007

3rd NRC Meeting TEDS-M, Taipei,Chinese Taipei, June 25-29, 2007

Syllabi Coding Workshop and Scoring Training Seminar,San Antonio, Texas, USA, February 5–9, 2007

Data Management Seminar for the Field Test, Hamburg, Germany, December 4–6, 2006

2nd NRC Meeting TEDS-M, East Lansing, USA, September 4-7, 2006

Primary and Secondary Mathematics, and National Teacher Education Curriculum Analysis Workshop, Montegrotto, Italy, June 26-30, 2006

Item Review and Development Committee Workshop, Madrid Spain, May 7-10, 2006

1st NRC Meeting TEDS-M, Hamburg, Germany, February 13-16, 2006

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